25 by 25

25 things to do by 25

Arts and Culture

At the heart of ‘DCEP’ is our manifesto ’25 Things to do by 25′. Designed to stimulate debate and challenge those with responsibility to engage with our purpose and aims.


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Our culture is our past, present and future. 

Key to preserving and celebrating our culture are the things we do and the experiences we share. This challenge focuses on local issues and provides a manifesto for parents and adults who have responsibility for young people. This means all of us – those who work in health and social care, education, volunteers, public/private sector organisations and community groups. 

Engaging with cultural activities enriches the lives of the people living in our area, leads to better health and well-being and ultimately makes our communities stronger. We cannot afford to let our young people bypass the experiences that could lead to future prosperity as well as enabling them to grow into positive human beings.