Dudley’s Townscape Heritage

Discover Dudley’s Town Centre

We are proud of Dudley borough’s past, both historically and as a major influence upon the industrial revolution.

We want as many young people as possible to come enthusiastic and proud of their surroundings.

Everything around us, including buildings, roads, statues and parks, contain fossils which date back millions of years. If only the buildings could talk; they have seen so much history including Civil wars, Anglo Saxon habitation and important industrial developments.

Conservation is very important as it helps us to maintain and retain these important sites and it is through education that we can help ensure they remain well into the future.

Dudley Fountain, Market Place, Dudley

The fountain was designed by James Forsyth, Sculptor of the Perseus Fountain at Witley Court, Worcestershire. The Dudley Market Place Fountain was built of red and grey granite, and Portland Stone at a height of 27 feet. It features small basins for people, with water bowls and drinking troughs for dogs, cattle and horses.

The market place was a gathering place on public occasions; it was felt that a ‘public amenity’ would ornament and enhance the area. The fountain was presented to the town by the Earl of Dudley on 17th October 1867.

If you can’t visit the fountain right now, click on the image below for some activities to try at home.